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Datastewardship essentials
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Data Stewardship
What is Data Stewardship?

What is Data Stewardship?

According to the Netherlands Federation of UMCs, Data Stewardship refers to the long-term and sustainable care for research data.

The size of datasets that are collected for research project has increased in the last couple of years. Collecting data is getting easier and cheaper. This means that carefull management of your dataset is nessesary and advised. You should start thinking about the management and stewardship of your data in all stages of your research project. Start with the drafting of a Data Management Plan during the design phase of your project.

Why Data Stewardship?

Why Data Stewardship?

It is nessesary to have fitting Data Stewardship practices in place for different reasons.

Data Stewardship: How?

In the Data Stewardship world a lot is being said and decided on, mainly on management levels. Below you can find some practical information and tools that might help you with your project. When you are starting your project/study, please register it with our datamanager by clicking here.


Available repositories for data and software

Data Management Plans

Find tools for the creation of your DMP


Tool for selecting the correct license for your dataset

FAIR data

Consider FAIRifying your dataset, to make it findable, accesible, interoperable and reusable.

Data paragraph

Use this paragraph for the 'data management' section in your grant application

Data Access Committee

Submitting or requesting data from a repository

Security and Privacy

Important aspects regarding security and privacy that you need to take care of during your research


In this section you can find best practices and tools that can be used to make your research reproducible.

Timeline Research Project

Below you can find an overview of the most important steps regarding data stewardship in your research project.

  • Register study

    Register your study with the Data Manager. Your research will be put on a list and the Data Manager can arrange certain documents and security measures if needed. Register your study here by answering a couple of basic questions.

  • Create a Data Management Plan

    When writing a DMP, you will be forced to think about all aspects of your research project regarding data. For example: have you thought about compute power, disk space during and after your project, security regarding your dataset? Find more information here.

  • Check if your plans are correct

    Submit your DMP to your funder, if required. Your project plan needs to be reviewed at this point by the METC, together with the rest of your documentation. Also discuss your DMP with the Data Manager/Steward of your department. Contact us to set up a call or meeting.

  • Workflow and data management

    Apply the measures that you've written up in your DMP. Make sure to write code with the help of software like Git/SVN, so you can keep track of all the changes. Also make sure you can recover your code version from your ouput files. Also apply a logical file naming scheme, so others might be able to make sense of your data.

  • Security

    Make sure you have the correct security measures in place. With personally identifiable data, make sure no data ever enters your personal devices. Are you certain only approved personel can access the dataset? If you need to send or store the data outside of the hospital network, make sure to encrypt it.

  • Archiving and preservation

    At the end of your project, publish your data as wel as your manuscript. Generate metadata using a good metadata scheme. You can also think about FAIRifying your data if you wish to generate more exposure.

  • Finished

Test: Are you applying correct data stewardship?

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